Hospital Care (52)

24h ECG Holter CONTEC TLC5000 12 lead EKG Monitor free PC Software Analyzer


CONTEC Portable Laptop Machine Digital Ultrasound Scanner,3.5 Convex Probe CMS600P2


SpO2 Simulator MS100 Pulse Rate Blood Oxygen Simulator Pulse Oximeter reaction time


CONTEC SP10 Pulmonary Function Lung Volume Check Spirometer,USB+PC Software


CONTEC ECG100G Digital One Channel 12 lead ECG EKG Machine Electrocardiograph


CONTEC MS200 NIBP Simulator Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy Simulation Test


CONTEC patient monitor CMS6800 6 para ECG, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP,TEMP 8'' color TFT LCD


Veterinary Infusion Pump SP750 Accurate Standard IV Fluid Medical Control with Alarm


CONTEC ECG300G Electrocardiograph,Digital 3 Channel 12 lead EKG+Printer


CONTEC CONTEC8000GW ECG Workstation System,Portable 12-lead Resting PC base EKG Machine B&T


CONTEC BC401BT Handheld Urine Analyzer 11-parameter 600pcs test Strips B&&T


CONTEC ultrasound handheld dual-probe color Doppler diagnostic system CMS1600B 32 channel rechargeable convex and linear probe Wifi