Home care includes various specifications of nursing equipment and other services to help people diagnose or prevent sudden illness at home. For many people, it's important to sit in your own home rather than in a hospital, assisted living facility, or other serviced facility.

Home Care (25)

ABPM50 24H Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with 3 cuffs child+adult+large adult


CMS50EA Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Spo2 Monitor OLED USB+Software Alarm


CONTEC CE&FDA CMS60D Neonatal Infant pediatric Kids Born Pulse Oximeter Spo2 Monitor


CONTEC CMS50M Pulse Oximeter Fingertip blood oxygen saturation SpO2,PR monitor LED


CONTEC 08A Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 4 BP Cuffs+Adult SP02+USB Software


CONTEC Digital Blood Pressure Monitor CONTEC08A+Neonatal/Pediatrics/Child/Adult 4cuffs


CMS60D Handheld Pulse Oximeter+Adult,Paediatric & Neonatal 3 Probes CONTEC


OLED CMS50I Pulse Oximeter spo2 Pulse rate PI oxygen adult spo2 probe+software


CONTEC Digital Blood pressure monitor Contec08A+SPO2 Sensor with Adult cuff&software


FDA CE Contec08A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm NIBP spo2+Software+Adult probe CONTEC


CONTEC Infant Blood Pressure Monitor Contec08A+Bundled SPO2 PROBE Software 6-11cm cuff


OLED Fingertip oxymeter spo2,PR monitor Blood Oxygen Pulse oximeter,CMS50NA