What is the use of a household nebulizer? How to use a good home nebulizer?

by CONTEC__Jokee on November 22, 2019

With the development of society, it will inevitably have some bad influences, especially the air pollution caused by development will affect our physical and mental health all the time, so some people with low immunity, poor constitution or respiratory diseases will suffer. Less harm, many families will be equipped with a nebulizer to avoid frequent hospitals to treat, what is the use of the home atomizer? How to use a good home atomizer?

First, what is the use of a household atomizer

The household nebulizer can be used by individuals or families. It is smaller in size than the general nebulizer. It can be used for nebulization treatment directly at home and at home. It is especially suitable for respiratory diseases in the home. The elderly and children of the disease are used.

Buying a home nebulizer has many advantages. First, it does not require hospital treatment. It saves the procedures of registration, queuing, payment, etc. It is very convenient and can avoid cross-infection in the hospital environment, not only time but also money. Spend less. The key is that the carrying and operation of the household nebulizer are very convenient, and basically can be treated at any time and anywhere.

The principle of the nebulizer used in the home is basically the same as that of the nebulizer used in the hospital. It is treated by atomization inhalation. The nebulizer can directly atomize the liquid used for treatment into tiny particles. The patient's breathing enters the respiratory tract and the lungs are deposited, which is not only painless, but also very effective and fast.

Household atomizers are products of environmental degradation and air pollution and are especially suitable for environments under smog. At present, there are mainly three kinds of atomizers for home atomization treatment, which are divided into a compression atomizer, an ultrasonic atomizer and a net atomizer, each having its own characteristics, wherein the mesh atomizer is most popular among families. It combines the advantages of two other nebulizers and is the smallest, portable, and quiet.

Second, how to use a good home atomizer

The household nebulizer is very effective for the atomization treatment of sore throat and cough. It is simple to use and has a good effect. However, after use, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning and preservation work, otherwise, it will be harmful to treatment. The used nebulizer tank can be cleaned with running water, that is, rinsed with water, and then immersed in a chlorine-containing solution containing 500 MG/ liter, at least 30 minutes to remove.

The removed nebulizer tank should be rinsed before it can be dried. The atomized threaded tube and the mouth on the instrument are disposable products. It is best to throw it away after use. If it is not willing, it should be cleaned and disinfected, and it should be replaced after several uses. If the nebulizer has not been used for a long time, it should be cleaned, disinfected and maintained before use to avoid inhaling a large number of bacteria, which will intensify the condition.



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